Mar 9, 2011

Lalica and Nail Crazy are making a giveaways :)

Ok, nisam ljubitelj ovakvih postova, iako znam da donose vise sanse da stvarno i dobijete na nekom giveawayu, ali ja ove dve devojke prosto obozavam :). Tako da...

OK, I don't usually like this kind of posts, despite that they bring you more chance to really win on some giveaway, but I just love this two girls :). So...

Nail Crazy is one of my first followers (I think she was first after my mum :D) and she is having a giveaway on which you can win lot of polishes, earnings, and many more. You have 3 more days to enter it so hurry up :).


I know Lalica for more than a year, and her blog gave me idea to start my own :). So I'm very happy that she is having her first giveaway :). You have almost a month to enter it and have a chance to win awesome polishes :).



  1. ahahaha, znači prvo mama pa ja ;-)
    hvala što si me spomenila :-D

  2. Pa da :). Ne znam ni kako si nabasala na moj blog :D
    Nema na cemu :*.