Dec 19, 2013

Our Holiday Nails of 2013

Ovo je fantastična ideja, tako da danas delim sa vam post koji su napisale Jen sa bloga The Sparkle Queen i Jen sa bloga Xo, xo, Jen.

This is a fantastic idea, so I decided to share with all of you this post made by Alessandra from The Sparkle Queen  and Jen from Xo,xo, Jen

Welcome to Our Holiday Nails of 2013 blog hop! This link party has one purpose: to share our holiday manicures with each other!

Everyone is welcome to share ALL of their holiday nails and manicures. You don’t have to be a blogger to enter either, as long as you can link to your holiday nails, you can enter. So if you are sharing your pictures on Nail Art Gallery, uploading to Pintrest, Instagram or Twitter, or anywhere else, you can enter too. You’ll just need the URL of where your pictures are shared.

 Bloggers can use THIS CODE to add the link party into their posts.

Party Details:
  • You can enter as many holiday nails as you like, but they must all go to a specific page, they can’t just go to your home page.
  • Link as many entries as you want.
  • The link party will stay open till shortly after the New Year so any new year’s inspired nails can get added too.
  • Nails must be holiday related one way or the other. Maybe the polish you are wearing for Christmas, or your snowy nail art scene. Any and all are welcome.
  • Video tutorials are OK as well, as long as you can upload an image for the thumbnail.

I think that's it. Make sure to check out the other entries and show some love to your fellow nail ladies!


  1. Sjajno! :D Upload can start right now ^^

    1. Imam osecaj da ce se skupiti jedno milion slika :)

  2. jako dobro :) moram se pridruziti i ja :)

  3. Oh thank you for sharing the Holiday link party! Jen has her own blog you should get out too (, she was just helping promote it and get the word out :)

    Also - if you are creating any nail art in the mean time that isn't holiday themed, there is a "Best Of: Nail Art" link party going on through Saturday evening you can add links too as well!

    Happy Holidays!


    1. I'm so sorry. I saw Jen posting about this in Hobby Polish Bloggers, and gave us your link, and I thought that is her blog. I'm really sorry. I'll be sure to add her link in this post too, she deserve it :).

    2. Oh no worries, not that big of a deal, just didn't want to confuse anyone for future link parties, etc. Merry Christmas :)

  4. odlična ideja, ubacit ću se i ja :D

    1. Slobodno :). Jedva cekam da vidim na kraju koliko cemo slicica skupiti :)