Aug 4, 2011

Top 30 Fun Facts about You (from my Giveaway)

Trazile ste, dobile ste. Sve cu napisati anonimno, a ako neko zeli da njegov/njen obrisem, samo mi napisite u mail-u :). 
You asked for this, so here you are. I will wrote it anonymously, but if someone wants me to remove hers/his, just write a e-mail :). 

1. Clowns really freak me out.
2. Until I was 30 years old, I didn’t know are my eyes brown or green. Then someone told me that color name is Hazel.
3. Hm...I'm afraid of porcelain dolls. o_O
4. I am an actress and I love to read. I got to meet Lisa Desrochers last week, author of the Personal Demons trilogy.
5. I am from Bulgaria, but my boyfriend is Serbian and I am trying to learn to speak Serbian!
6. I am obsessed with all things French, no idea why but if it has something to do with France I'll love it! :)
7. I am very flexible, I can do the splits and my party trick is to do a backbend backward chest role. It freaks people out.
8. I can put my legs behind my head.
9. I can speak Japanese, my half-Japanese friend thinks its so funny since I'm like the only black person in our class who's from Nigeria XD.
10. I can wiggle my nose up & down!
11. I collect shot glasses.
12. I eat my French Fries in size order, from smallest to largest, but only if I pour them out of the container. If they are still in the box/bag, I eat them in random order, lol.
13. I have nail polish for every outfit.
14. I know a few hundred songs by heart!! I don't know why, I just learn the lyrics naturally ^^.
15. I like to look at butterflies but I’m actually so afraid of them :D.
16. I love soundtracks, they make up most of the music on my iPod.
17. I love to watch professional wrestling.
18. I must always be balanced. For example: if I left a round turn, then I always clockwise in a circle. Or when my left knee bumps to something, I with my right knee still somewhere (with the same force) bump.
19. I never had a boyfriend from/living in my own country. Seems like I have to move abroad ;).
20. I own more than 50 pairs of jeans...
21. I read newspapers in the bathroom:D.
22. I was born with a tooth!
23. I work at the largest Titanic Museum Attraction in the world!
24. I'm the mad cat woman in my street!!
25. I have a grey forelock since I was a little girl, but my hair is so bushy, so nobody can’t see it most of the time.
26. I can yawn (not faking) when I want. And to move my ears :)
27. My cat knows how to play fetch.
28. My favorite animals are lizards.
29. My tongue gets itchy when I eat kiwi fruit! :)
30. I can’t believe there is someone else who likes to read this.


  1. yey you put mine in there :) i like the last one

  2. LOL these facts are hilarious!
    I love that you made a post out of it =] Great fun to read!

    (that over 50 pairs of jeans one could be me... =P) Lol I know I didn't write that but its still true though!

  3. Haha, mine is in there too :D

  4. lol, thanks for sharing this :-D

  5. Evo mene pod brojem 2 :) A br 30 mi je najbolji

  6. Hey, mine is in there too. I love these fun facts!

  7. Ahahahaha! So funny! Thanks for sharing :D

  8. Yep i'm up there on the wall of fame, I am the MAD CAT WOMAN of my street!!!