Nov 1, 2011

“Thank You” Giveaway :)

Prosla sam 250 followera, prosla sam 100 like-ova na Facebook-u, skoro sam dostigla 20000 poseta… I pripremila sam sve ovo jos prosle nedelje, samo sam cekala da prodje cela ludnica oko Noci Vestica. I evo ga, giveaway kojim zelim da vam pokazem moju neizmernu zahvalnost sto ste tu, sto citate, i komentarisete…
Ovog puta sam zelela da isprobam novi nacin odrzavanja giveaway-ova, pomocu Rafflecoptera, tako da se nadam da cete uspeti da se snadjete (a i ja sa vama). Ako vam nesto ne bude jasno kako da uradite, slobodno mi javite pa cemo pokusati da pronadjemo resenje. A sada da predjemo na nagrade :).

I have more then 250 followers, more then 100 likes on Facebook, and I almost reached 20000 visits…. And I prepared all this last week, I just wanted to wait to pass this Halloween nail art madness :). And here it is, giveaway which I’m hosting to show you my biggest gratitude for you being here, reading, and commenting…
This time I wanted to try out new way of hosting giveaways, with Rafflecopter, so I hope you will manage (and me with you). If you don’t understand how to do something, feel free to let me know and we will work it out together. And now onto the prizes :).

BenQ Corporation

Aura Mini 55, Golden Rose Fashion Color 24, Golden Rose Fashion Color 52

Isabelle Dupont 411, Isabelle Dupont 268, Isabelle Dupont 438

Golden Rose Paris - 89, Golden Rose Paris - 41, Golden Rose Paris – 88

Essence - Fall for Me & Essence - Tryin' to be cool

Untitled333y Glowing Animal Bands, Nail Art Decoration Kit and Nail Art Stickers


  1. Odlican giveaway! Cestitam ti na uspehu bloga i hvala ti za ovakve divne pokloncice! Srecno svima!

    Link ka postu na fejsu -!/jovana.nikolovski/posts/167615036666564

    Link ka twittu -!/princessaurrora/status/131445866304241665

  2. Thanks for this great giveaway! ;-)

  3. Thanks for this great giveaway! ;-) love it

  4. Congrats on the followers and thank you very much for the giveaway! :D x

  5. Čestitke za vse uspehe! =)

  6. bravo, čestitke na brojkama i hvala za ove krasne lakiće ;-D

  7. I am so sorry, I did not know how to use well the thing for the giveaway.

    I am following:
    blog post:
    and blogroll:

  8. Nice blog. I'm your new follower from Singapore.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

    Hope you'll visit my little blog and enter my giveaway too

  9. Pls include my blog post link in the form


  10. Thank you for the giveaway :)

    I am sorry but I accidentally put the link to giveaway page where the blog post link should be. Hope you an change it :)

  11. Hi! loving your blog!! I'm from Monroe, North Carolina.. a very very country town. I just started college. I'm 25 and hope to one day be an accountant!! :)

  12. Hey girls, I'm glad you like it :). I hope it will go in good hands (nails) :)

    @Casual Chic in the Street I see you worked it out :). You are in the form.

    @Bebe I follow you :). You can add that URL whenever you want.

    @Yasinisi Don't worry, I'll change URL :)

    @stefanie gladden Welcome :)

  13. Hi :) I'm from Paris. Thank you for this giveaway :)

  14. Your works are art! Loving it!

  15. hi, i really really like this background.. where did you get it from?

  16. @peniam you welcome :)

    @AandW thanks :). That's one of nicest comment I got :)

    @fatema it's just a small picture of butterflies in tiles. I found it on google.

  17. I blogged your giveaway :)

  18. Random Comment : I live in New York. I have a weird habit of waking up within 8 hours of sleeping. I always have to use the bathroom at 2:45. I sure am strange :P

  19. thanks for having this giveaway.! :]

  20. I forgot to put link for it is... hope it counts

  21. Hi!! I am from greece! I follow you My GFC name is Aleka Nikolaidou or @AlekaNikol(twitter)
    and my email is!!

    xoxo, Aleka

  22. Hi i discovered your Blog through your Giveaway!! its awsome and congrats for your 250 and more followers!!
    Your blog is so nice, and you do some really great nail art ;)
    I'm a new follower from Italy !!!!

    If you like take a look at my blog ( would be great)

    hugs from Italy ;)

  23. New follower from Louisiana :)
    Thank you for this amazing giveaway and the chance to win :)

    green_eyed_princesss at msn dot com

  24. Prijavih se :)
    Cestitam i hvala za giveaway :*

  25. Odlican giveaway, prijavila sam se :)

  26. yesiwantyouback
    fact about me? I soooo much love nail polishes! there's a one thing which I buy in shops :)

  27. Congrats on reaching 250 followers , and Much Thankies for the chance dear
    Good luck for me

    Liz Secret Rendezvous

  28. Happy Thanksgiving :) you have put such a fun giveaway together

  29. I think I accidentally entered this twice. If I did, please just disregard my second set of entries, I was not trying to cheat :-/

  30. ITs a wonderful giveaway... n ur blog is soo cute... love the back groundd :)

  31. nICE ONE ! wISH WIN !

  32. I am a new follower (:
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway. I would like to enter & see if I could possibly win as well! ^^

    GCF: Paula Yang

  33. Hi! I think I've accidentally entered twice, please delete my first entrance and keep the second one ( I didn't mean to cheat but I thought I had already entered but I couldn't see what I have already done!).

    I'm from Italy and your blog is really cool. I think I'll start to write my own blog sooner or later =)

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway!!

  34. I would love more international giveaways on your blog with 3 winners!

  35. Hi, I'm Mel, and I live in Australia in a town called Mornington. Just stumbled across your blog, it's great, I do love reading nail blogs, please keep up the good work.

    Random Comment: No matter how deep asleep I am, if someone touches the bed I'm in, I jolt fully awake within about half a second. It's crazy. Also, I am fighting the urge to buy a set of Crayola Scented Nail Polishes for kids, because thought of having fruity smelling nails is awesome

  36. Leaving my fun fact: I am a visitor from New England, USA!

  37. Thank you for this amazing giveaway :)

  38. Pls enter me!
    thank u 4 this cool giveaway :)
    best regards